Going back to natural hair | Retour aux cheveux naturels
Hi lovelies, Many of you requested me to write a blog post on how to transition back to natural hair. As you many know I’ve been natural for the past 5 years. I stopped relaxing… View Post

Quick donut bun | Chignon donut rapidos
Hi lovelies, As you already know, I like to wear my hair up in a bun. No wig, no protective style, just let my head breath. I created this tutorial in collaboration with Purpose Kollection,… View Post

My experience at David Bralizz Paris  | Mon expérience chez David Bralizz Paris
Hello lovelies, Today I want to share my experience at the professional hair salon David Bralizz Paris. Earlier this month, I was in Paris and I decided to treat myself to a much needed professional… View Post

My natural hair journey | Cheveux crépus: mon évolution capillaire
Hello lovelies, Today I will talk about my natural hair journey, I will explain why I decided to go natural and how long I’ve had it for. View Post

Pineapple hair tutorial | Tuto chignon ananas
Hi lovelies, I have a pineapple hair tutorial for you today. I love this style because it’s easy and quick to do, doesn’t require any maintenance throughout the day, and makes your curls pop. View Post