Recipe: Ginger & Lemon infusion | Recette: Infusion au gingembre et citron
Hi lovelies, Today I’m going to share my recipe for lemon and ginger infusion. This is one of my favourite drink, you can drink it hot or cold (just add some ice). Individually, ginger and… View Post

The benefits of lemon | Les bienfaits du citron
Hi lovelies, Sorry I haven’ been posting a lot lately, but I’m back with lot of surprises and exciting new posts. Now that we’re in September, we have 3 months left until the end of… View Post

Recipe: Raspberry lemonade | Recette: Limonade aux framboises
Hi lovelies, You probably know that my favourite drink is a fresh homemade lemonade, you would know if you read my post 20 facts about me. The weekend is here, maybe you’re planning to have a… View Post