What I’ve learnt in 2018 | Ce que j’ai appris en 2018
Hello lovelies, I hope you are well ! It’s been ages since I’ve written here but my life has gotten so busy lately and I feel like I’ve got many things to do that I… View Post

Do not forget the Good because of the bad | N’oublie pas le Bon à cause du mal
Hi lovelies, I hope you’re well, today’s post is really close to my heart because it’s very personal… I was arguing with myself wether I should post it or not, but God told me to… View Post

What I’ve learnt in 2017 | Ce que j’ai appris en 2017
Hi lovelies, In today’s post, I will review my year 2017. I will share what I learnt in life in general and but also what I learnt from a spiritual point of view. This year… View Post

God has plans for you… | Dieu a des projets pour toi…
Hi lovelies, Have you been feeling down lately ? Do you feel like you’re not where you wanted to be in life ? Do you feel like God forgot about you, He let you down… View Post