Hi lovelies, In today’s post, I will review my year 2017. I will share what I learnt in life in general and but also what I learnt from a spiritual point of view. This year… View Full Post View Post

Hello lovelies, Today I will talk about a topic that I’ve been struggling with lately… I felt like I was kind of disconnected with God, I didn’t feel His presence as much, although I knew… View Full Post View Post

Hi lovelies, I hope you’re well and that you’re getting excited for the holiday season. Today we will continue the series Women of the Bible. We previously studied about Abigail, Mary and Jezebel. Today we’ll talk about… View Full Post View Post

Hi lovelies, Many of you requested me to write a blog post on how to transition back to natural hair. As you many know I’ve been natural for the past 5 years. I stopped relaxing… View Full Post View Post

Hi lovelies, In this series, we talked about Abigail and Mary. Today we will study the story of  Jezebel. Her story can be found in the Old Testament, in the books of Kings (1&2). View Post