Ruth | Ruth
Hi lovelies, Today we will continue our study of the various “Women of the Bible“, in the previous posts we studied Abigail, Mary, Jezebel, Hannah, Sarah and Tamar. The woman of the day is Ruth, her story can be found in the… View Post

Best ways to remove your makeup | Les meilleurs façons de se démaquiller
Hi lovelies, I hope you’re well and enjoying the sunshine, today’s post will be all about makeup removal. Unfortunately many women go to bed without removing their makeup but we DON’T want to do that… View Post

Tamar | Tamar
Hi lovelies, In the series Women of the Bible, we previously studied Abigail, Mary, Jezebel, Hannah, and Sarah. Today we’ll study Tamar, her story can be found in the Old Testament, in the book of Genesis 38. Tamar was… View Post

My little secret to grow my nails fast | Mon petit secret pour faire pousser mes ongles rapidement
Hi lovelies, Couple weeks ago I posted a picture of my “long” nails on Instagram story and I told you that I cheated a little bit to have those results. So, as promised in today’s… View Post

The different Christian expressions | Les différentes expressions Chrétiennes
Hi lovelies, I hope you are well ! I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while here, but my life has been hectic recently! I’ve been travelling a lot, recently got a new job, attended… View Post